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  Expert's 40Cleaner's

  We use Organic products

List of Pirces

Dry Cleaning

Suits $9.95

Pants $4.75

Skirts $4.75

Blazers/ Jackets $5.95

Blouses $4.75

Sweater $4.95


Comforters $29.95

* Prices may vary depends on materials


Hem up and down $10

Hem with cuff $12

New Zipper/ Repair for Pants and Skirts $14

New Zipper for Jacket (depends on length) from $35

Broadening up or narrowing down or any sort of magics you need, please bring your clothes for consultation!

Wedding Dress, Leathers and Furs

Leather Jackets From $39.95

Leather Coates From $59.95

Wedding Dresses From $79.95

Comforters $29.95